Greater protections for nurses, doctors, health staff attacked on the job

Shadow Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Corrections Giulia Jones was pleased to present much-needed reforms to the Assembly today.

The Crimes (Offences Against Frontline Community Service Providers) Amendment Bill 2019 provides greater protections for frontline workers, including nurses, doctors and health staff.

“Labor doesn’t have a plan to keep our nurses, doctors and health staff safe. That’s why more health workers are at risk of being attacked on the job,” Mrs Jones said.

“The long overdue bill presented by the ACT Government this week completely overlooks health workers, despite escalating violence and assault in the health system.

“In contrast, the Canberra Liberals’ reforms provide greater protections for nurses, doctors and health staff as well as prison guards and police officers.

“After 18 years of Labor governments, health staff are at increased risk of violence on the job. There are now almost two assaults on health staff every single day. That’s why the Canberra Liberals believe it is important that health staff have more support,” Mrs Jones said.