Greens run interference to defend Chief Minister’s inflammatory comments

The ACT Greens have today demonstrated their double standards by defending the Chief Minister’s inflammatory comments in the Assembly, Leader of the Opposition Alistair Coe said.
Today in the ACT Legislative Assembly the Canberra Liberals moved to censure Chief Minister Andrew Barr for expressing hatred against journalists and contempt for seniors.
“The Chief Minister’s born-to-rule mentality has driven him to lash out at anyone who dares to criticise or even scrutinise the government,” Mr Coe said.
“Today’s censure motion was to bring Canberra’s elected representatives together in solidarity to say that there is no place in our community, or in our parliament, for this sort of behaviour.
“The Canberra community will rightfully be disappointed to learn just how low the Greens and the Labor Party has set the bar for the leader of the government.
“They will also be disappointed to learn just how deep hypocrisy runs within the ACT Greens who, true to form, defended their Labor mates.
“There is no crossbench, there is only a Labor-Greens coalition determined to shut down any views that are different to theirs.
“The Chief Minister has been critical of older Canberrans because they often use their retirement to engage in political life, drawing on their knowledge and experience, to draw critical conclusions about the conduct of government policy.
“The Chief Minister’s expression of hatred is simple: he hates it when anyone speaks out against the failures of the Labor-Greens government he leads. He hates it when people exercise their right to free speech and a free press. And he has made clear that he is prepared to use the public purse to greatly expand the propaganda tools of his government to drown out the voices of dissent.
“Canberrans are coming to realise that the Greens are not an independent voice. They are partners of Labor who will go great lengths to harbour the Chief Minister’s hatred,” Mr Coe concluded.