As we approach a year since the Barr government’s decision to go ahead with a buy back and demolition scheme for Mr Fluffy properties, there is no excuse for the government not to immediately initiate a Board of Inquiry to comprehensively examine the Mr Fluffy crisis in Canberra, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“A bipartisan committee inquiry last year called on the government to constitute a Board of Inquiry to report by March 2016. To date Andrew Barr has refused to act,” Mr Hanson said.

“Andrew Barr needs to listen to the community and commit to a Board of Inquiry that will offer the so many families who’ve struggled through this crisis the opportunity for closure. The Chief Minister needs to initiate the Inquiry immediately so it can report back to the Legislative Assembly before the 2016 Election.

“There are many different aspects of the Mr Fluffy crisis that need to be thoroughly examined including the ACT government’s knowledge of and handling of the issue since self government.

“Many Canberrans have been deeply affected by Mr Fluffy financially, emotionally and through the adverse health impacts. ACT Labor oversaw the Mr Fluffy crisis; the government should initiate the process to bring it to a close. It’s what the Mr Fluffy victims deserve.

“Andrew Barr has waited and now is the time to finally bring on the Board of Inquiry,” Mr Hanson concluded.