Hanson Slams Gallagher’s Cuts To Preventative Health Funding

Today it was revealed that Katy Gallagher has scrapped funding for the successful anti-obesity program for Canberra children run by Olympian Robert DeCastella. This comes just three days after the release of the COAG report highlighting a record increase in the number of Canberrans who are overweight, said Jeremy Hanson, ACT Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister for Health.

“This is a bad decision, done in a deceitful way,” said Mr Hanson.

“Last week, Katy Gallagher said that the increase of Canberrans who were overweight was the most concerning element of the COAG report, and that the Labor government would put more effort into tackling obesity.

“Today, we find out the funding for one of our most high profile and successful childhood anti-obesity programs has actually been cut.

“It beggars belief that Katy Gallagher did not know this cut was on the books when she made her statements last week.

“It is also extraordinary that we can find $300,000 for the Skywhale, but cannot find $250,000 to keep our kids fit and healthy.

“This demonstrates both a lack of priorities and a lack of honesty from the Chief Minister, things which typify this government under Katy Gallagher’s leadership,” Mr Hanson concluded.