Hanson To Introduce Bill To Appoint Sixth Minister

ACT Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson will introduce a Bill tomorrow to allow the Assembly to appoint a sixth Minister. Mr Hanson said the Bill will assist the current Government to share the portfolio workloads from five Ministers to six Ministers and this is one reason why Katy Gallagher has said she wants to more than double the size of the Assembly to 35 members.

“Over the past month we have heard the calls from Katy Gallagher on how over-worked her current Ministers are and the need to expand the Assembly to share portfolio workloads. However, it will be the Canberra Liberals who will introduce a Bill to appoint a sixth minister. This can be done right now with minimal cost,” said Mr Hanson.

“Katy Gallagher has four backbenchers to choose from, including Dr Chris Bourke, who used to be Minister for Education in the previous term.

“If Katy Gallagher does not support this Bill, then it just demonstrates that she has no confidence in her backbenchers and would prefer to spend ACT taxpayer’s money on expanding the Assembly, rather than prioritising that money to improve our justice, health, or transport systems.

“This is all about using your resources well, this is a great chance to do that right now. I call on Katy Gallagher to illustrate leadership to her own team before asking for an extra 18 MLAs to do the same work,” concluded Mr Hanson.