Health consumers are the real victims of dodgy data practices

Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris’ failure to restore the integrity of health data is compromising patient safety, Shadow Health Minister Vicki Dunne said.
Mrs Dunne’s comments follow a recent ACT Auditor-General’s report examining the effectiveness of management arrangements to implement recommendations from the recent System-Wide Data Review of ACT Health.
The multi-million dollar System-Wide Data Review, handed down in August 2018, is one of numerous reports into dodgy data practices in the health system.
The audit released today found there was a lack of governance with respect to roles and purpose, and a lack of clarity and transparency about how and when recommendations will be implemented.
“Canberra’s health consumers are the real victims of dodgy data practices,” Mrs Dunne said.
“For years, our health system has been racked with data practices that lack integrity.
“Successive Labor Health Ministers have failed to restore integrity in health data.
“This report shows Canberrans can expect to see more of the same from Ms Fitzharris. This is another leadership failure from this Minister.
“The whole reason modern health systems collate health data is to ensure the delivery of safe and efficient health care.
“Falsified, missing or inaccurate health data ultimately compromises patient care.
“The Government should make it a key priority to clean up data practices in the health system.
“Instead what we are seeing is yet another Labor Health Minister who is incapable of fixing a decade old scandal,” Mrs Dunne said.