Following revelations the Barr government will have to correct ACT Health emergency department (ED) waiting time data after figures were changed over a period of years, the Canberra Liberals are calling for the Auditor-General to investigate the issue, Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Hanson said today.

“The ED data that has been changed in quarterly reports from 2013 onwards is the same data set that was uncovered to have been doctored by the government in 2012. 12,000 records were doctored then, and, given it’s the same data set, the Canberra Liberals believe the seriousness of the issue warrants investigation by the Auditor-General,” Mr Hanson said.

“I have written to the Auditor-General with my request. Questions that need answering include:

 Why was the data changed?

 Who changed the data?

 Who was responsible for the integrity of the data?

 Were the changes deliberate (as occurred from 2009 to 2012)?

 Is the full extent of the changes since 2013?

 What quarterly and annual data has been provided to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare?

 What management actions were taken on the governance of data management by ACT Health light of the 2012 and 2015 Auditor-General reports?

“Simon Corbell claims that the errors were unintentional, but how do we actually know that?

“We have the worst performing health system in the country and scrutiny is required,” Mr Hanson concluded.