Health Minister must account for misleading the community on wait times

Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris should apologise for misleading the community on ACT public hospital emergency department waiting times, Shadow Health Minister Vicki Dunne said.
“Ms Fitzharris has repeatedly told us that hospital wait times are going down,” Mrs Dunne said
“Waiting times in ACT public hospitals are not going down. In fact, ACT public hospitals performed the worst in Australia for the number of patients seen on time.
Mrs Dunne’s comments follow the latest Productivity Commission’s report on health services which confirmed that less than half of Canberra patients in the emergency department were seen on time in 2016-17. Only 49 per cent of patients were seen on time, well below the Northern Territory where 57 per cent of patients were seen on time.
Between August and November 2017, Ms Fitzharris repeatedly told the Assembly waiting times were improving:
“Emergency department waiting times are coming down.” 15 August 2017
“Waiting times, they are coming down. I am pleased to say that our emergency departments continue to perform well. We have also continued to achieve high levels of elective surgery and have reduced the number of people waiting longer than clinically recommended.” 22 August 2017
“Our waiting time are coming down.” November 2017
“Now that the data are yet again publicly available, it is clear that Ms Fitzharris did not provide an accurate depiction of emergency department waiting times,” Mrs Dunne said.
“It is important that we hold the Minister’s misleading conduct to account,” Mrs Dunne concluded.