Health Minister must resign

In accordance with the Westminster tradition, it is no longer tenable for Meegan Fitzharris to continue in her role as the ACT Health Minister. She must resign immediately.
The Canberra Liberals will today move a third motion denouncing Ms Fitzharris for her failures in the health portfolio.
The Canberra Liberals have repeatedly expressed concerns over Ms Fitzharris’ incompetence and her proclivity to mislead the Assembly in matters relating to health.
Despite her repeated assurances that things are improving, they are not.
Our hospital and health workers need justice, our health system needs rehabilitation, our patients need reliable, timely services and our hospital infrastructure needs maintenance.
Ms Fitzharris has failed to deliver on all counts.
Out of respect for Canberra health workers and patients, whom she repeatedly fails, Ms Fitzharris should step aside from the Health portfolio.
The Canberra Liberals will not tolerate the treatment that the government has meted out to hospital and health workers. As the responsible minister, Meegan Fitzharris must go.