Help businesses on light rail corridor before it’s too late

Lessons learned on how to manage the negative impact of construction works on business trade should be implemented now before it’s too late, Liberal Member for Yerrabi James Milligan said.
“Businesses along the light rail corridor have been hung out to dry thanks to the government’s poorly planned construction works,” Mr Milligan said.
“Today, I am calling on the government to show it has learned from its mistakes and start helping businesses that are still feeling the effects of light rail construction.”
On 6 June 2018, Mr Milligan called on the ACT government to investigate the loss of business trade due to the government’s construction projects.
The subsequent report, Business Impact Assessment of ACT Government-led construction activities in Gungahlin, found that since light rail construction commenced, businesses reported:

* Foot traffic reduced by almost 70 per cent

* Business revenue decreased by at least 30 per cent

* Business exit rates increased by almost 19 per cent
“There’s no denying light rail stage 1 has had a negative impact on business trade along the light rail corridor,” Mr Milligan said.
“Minister Fitzharris promised the first stage of light rail would be completed by 21 December 2018, and many businesses are suffering as construction drags on past the promised completion date.
“All along the light rail corridor roads are being dug up, intersections closed off and pedestrian paths are in a state of disrepair.
“This report highlighted a number of things the government could do to help reduce the impact of construction on trade such as offering financial support, better signage, less road closures and greater clarity around parking and accessibility.
“Many of these businesses feel that the government doesn’t care about their contribution to the community, and has no interest in their survival. Today is an opportunity for the government to set the record straight,” Mr Milligan said.