Hospital food in stark contrast to leaders lunch

Food provided to patients pales in comparison to Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris’ generously catered leaders love-in, Shadow Health Minister Vicki Dunne said.
In August this year, Canberra taxpayers forked out $25,000 to pay for 139 ACT Health leaders to meet. Of this, Canberrans were charged $13,600 for a menu which included:
Morning tea

* Scones with cream and jam

* Fresh seasonal fruit

* Beef bourguignon w/ rice pilaff

* Smoked paprika and herb marinated chicken w/ yoghurt dressing

* Eggplant and ricotta crepes w/ roasted tomato and basil sauce

* Green salad w/ avocado, cherry tomatoes and cucumber

* Bread rolls w/ butter

* Fresh seasonal fruit
Afternoon tea

* Cheeses w/ crackers, dried fruits and lavosh

* Assorted dips w/ fresh Turkish bread
“This is a very generously catered love-in for health executives,” Mrs Dunne said.
“It’s a real shame that Canberra patients aren’t being fed nearly as well as this.
“We’ve heard stories of patients being served unsafe or completely unappetising food.
“Some patients wait days before their special dietary needs are met. Others are served food that has been spoiled or is out of date.
“This is clearly an unnecessary health risk and it is also incredibly disrespectful to vulnerable people who require care.
“Fitzharris should pay greater attention to their dietary needs of Canberra patients,” Mrs Dunne concluded.