Hospital staff vote no confidence in Labor Government

A damning survey has found Canberra nurses, doctors and hospital staff do not have confidence in the ACT Government’s management of the health system.
A Canberra Health Services 2019 Workplace Culture Survey of more than 4,000 respondents found nurses and doctors do not trust executive leadership nor their ability to address poor workplace behaviour.
Sixty-nine per cent of respondents did not believe the government was patient focused.
“Labor’s same old tired thinking is incapable of resolving these long-running problems,” Mrs Dunne said.
“Canberra health workers and patients are worse off and the Labor Government is entirely responsible.
“Nurses, doctors and hospital staff deserve to work in a safe environment, free from threats, bullying and intimidation.
“After years of promising to fix the problem, Labor has proven itself incapable of fixing the problem and showing our health workers the respect and support they deserve.
“We know that a poor workplace culture leads to adverse patient outcomes. Staff do not believe the government puts the safety of patients first.
“Our health system is in crisis and needs urgent intervention. Health staff and patients cannot afford more of the same,” Mrs Dunne said.
The survey follows a series of damning revelations into the state of the ACT’s health system revealed in recent weeks:

* Four in five patients requiring urgent medical attention at the Canberra Hospital emergency department are not seen on time
* Nurses working overtime are facing pay cuts, despite the incredibly long and stressful hours they work
* Site planning for the expansion of the Canberra Hospital is in doubt
* Junior doctors rate the ACT health system as the worst place to work in the country
* Labor has delivered a $3 billion ticking debt bomb which comes with a $234 million interest bill for this year alone

“There is a better way. Only the Liberals will fix our health system,” Mrs Dunne concluded.