Hypocritical Greens have themselves to blame

The ACT Greens are largely responsible for the grievances being felt by so many Canberra commuters since the disastrous overhaul of the bus network, Shadow Transport Minister Candice Burch said.
“Their attempts to now lay blame and demand better services from Labor lack integrity and are an insult to every Canberra commuter who has struggled with the new bus network,” Miss Burch said.
“The Canberra Liberals have been fighting for better public transport in Canberra and have continuously called on the Labor-Greens Government to improve services, including for elderly and mobility-impaired Canberrans.
“The current FlexiBus program has limited eligibility criteria, only operates between 9.30am and 1.30pm and must be booked two days in advance. The technology exists for on-demand bookings and has been implemented in NSW and SA.
“This unethical media stunt by the Greens is part of the reason why so many Canberrans are losing faith in the government.
“The Greens already sit in Cabinet – if they were serious about helping people who are struggling with the new bus network, they should have taken action a long time ago.
“Ms Le Couteur has failed on numerous occasions to actually take action for the Canberra commuters who are struggling under the failed new network.
“Public transport services should be accessible to everyone, especially those with limited mobility,” Miss Burch said.