Increased workloads, less money: Labor Government does not support police

Canberra’s police force needs more financial backing to help it tackle increased demand due to a growing population and increased crime, Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Services Giulia Jones said today.

 This week in the Legislative Assembly, Mrs Jones will call on the Labor-Greens Government to ensure ACT Policing receives funding matched to the rate of inflation.

“Funding for ACT Policing has increased less than five per cent in five years while inflation has increased by more than eight per cent. In real terms, ACT Policing has received a funding cut,” Mrs Jones said.

“Funding has fallen behind police and community needs.

“Canberra’s population has grown by more than 11 per cent. Workloads to meet this demand are up even more.

“Reported offences against the person are increasing, armed robberies are up, and motor vehicles are reportedly being stolen at a much higher rate than last year.

“It is evident that there is more and more work being required of our police, while resourcing has not kept pace.

“After 16 years in office, the old and tired Labor-Greens Government has forgotten what is important.

“I applaud the men and women who are on the ground serving in our police force day in and day out. They deserve more support than they are getting from this Government,” Mrs Jones concluded.