Problems surrounding incident reporting at The Canberra Hospital, revealed in FOI documents, require answers from Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris, Shadow Minister for Health Vicki Dunne said today.
“These are alarming results and it is unacceptable that 96 per cent of the records tested were incomplete. Meegan Fitzharris needs to answer a range of questions,” Mrs Dunne said.
These include:
• Did the internal audit team look to expand the sample size when it discovered that 96 per cent of records tested were incomplete?
• What were the internal audit recommendations and has the hospital implemented them?
• What improvements were made to the incident reporting processes?
• Will the minister ask the internal audit team to review the uptake of the recommendations and improvements in outputs?

“If the Healthcare Consumers Association ACT’s claim about ‘a culture of under-reporting’ incidents is true, there is potential for patients’ very lives to be at risk. This, on top of the hospital data scandal and the recent switchboard fire, does little to allay concerns about that risk,” Mrs Dunne said.
“I call on Minister Fitzharris to prove to the people of Canberra that her mantra of the safety of patients being the number one priority is more than just words,” Mrs Dunne concluded.