Senator Larissa Waters should be congratulated for leading the Federal Parliament into the modern era by breastfeeding her young baby in the Senate on Tuesday, Shadow Minister for Women Giulia Jones said today.
In August 2015, Mrs Jones made history of her own when she breastfed her three month old son during question time in the ACT Legislative Assembly. As a mother of five children under 12, Mrs Jones has actively campaigned for policies that are inclusive and supportive of mothers and children in the workplace.
In November 2015, Mrs Jones made a submission to a Federal Parliament’s Standing Committee on Procedure that proposed “women should be able to either vote from their office as a proxy, or take their baby to the chamber to vote as they see fit.”
“This policy goes to the heart of women’s aspirations for work and for family,” Mrs Jones said.
“Some have told me these views are grandstanding, others that mothers and their babies should be out of sight.
“I reject both of these sentiments. Every mother has the right to be with their newborn, while every baby has the right to be fed. I’m glad we continue to make progress on this issue.
“I congratulate Senator Waters on making history and hope this leads to further acceptance of mothers in the workplace. I also hope it encourages more mothers to consider a career in politics,” Mrs Jones concluded.