Katy Gallagher confirms Labor’s negative gearing policy will particularly hurt Canberra

Senator Katy Gallagher this morning confirmed that Canberrans will be adversely impacted by Labor’s negative gearing policy.Senator for the ACT, Zed Seselja today said, Labor’s policy will smash house prices all over the country. Even supporters of the policy such as the Grattan Institute have acknowledged that prices could drop up to 10%.

“With 13% of tax payers in Canberra utilising negative gearing, our city is going to be hit particularly hard by Labor’s policy,” Senator Seselja said.

This morning during a doorstop interview Senator Gallagher stated:

“Certainly Canberra is one of those places where you see higher levels of people utilising negative gearing there is no secret about that but I don’t think you can make good policy that is good for the future of the country determined by particular sub-populations or cities.” 

“Senator Gallagher seems not to care how this policy will affect the property values of Canberrans. She is not fighting for the people she represents but rather blindly backing Bill Shorten.

“Canberrans deserve better. Katy Gallagher has acknowledged that this will disproportionately hurt Canberra. I will be reminding Canberrans every day about Labor’s plan to make Canberrans poorer and Katy Gallagher’s blind support for this policy,” Senator Seselja concluded.