Katy Gallagher needs to fix health system or resign

It’s time for Katy Gallagher to resolve the ongoing issues with the Canberra Hospital Maternity unit or step aside as health minister. The ACT Labor government cannot continue to mismanage the ACT health system and the Canberra Hospital any longer, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“After eight years of Katy Gallagher as health minister and five years since major problems surfaced within the Obstetrics and Gynaecology unit at the Canberra Hospital the Chief Minister and ACT Labor have left issues dangerously unresolved. In many respects, the situation has worsened,” Mr Hanson said.

“I have continued to hear from within the unit about allegations of bullying and a toxic culture, while a leaked accreditation report from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists was reported to have claimed patients and registrars are at risk.

“These are the same problems the Chief Minister claimed would be dealt with when she turned down the Canberra Liberals’ call for a Board of Inquiry. Five years later it seems ACT Labor and the Chief Minister have done nothing to fix the deep running issues.

“Compounding the problems in maternity, I continue to hear almost daily from Canberrans about their other grievances with the Canberra Hospital. They range waiting weeks to fix broken bones to staff who are genuinely suffering.

“Katy Gallagher must outline her plan to fix this mess or step down,” Mr Hanson concluded.