Keep our children safe with flashing lights and road crossing supervisors

Flashing lights and road crossing supervisors will help protect more school children, Shadow Education Minister Elizabeth Lee said.
“At the start of each school year, we are reminded of certain vulnerabilities in our schooling communities,” Ms Lee said.
“Across the Territory, thousands of nervous and excited children are spilling out onto roads near schools. It is important that we make roads near schools as safe as possible to protect our children.
“Solar powered flashing lights and clearer road markings would go a long way to encourage motorists to slow down when driving near schools.
“In other states, flashing lights have proven very effective at reminding drivers to slow down in school zones.
“All schools with traffic vulnerabilities should have a crossing supervisor to tend to children as they cross the road.
“Sadly, it has taken this government more than two years to ‘trial’ supervisors at road crossings at only 20 schools with no indication of whether this trial will be adopted permanently or expanded.
“The government should confirm our valued crossing supervisors are here to stay and that all schools that need one will get one.
“A Canberra Liberals government will ensure all schools with hazardous roads will have flashing lights and a dedicated crossing supervisor to keep watch over children crossing the road.
“These measures will help keep our children safe and give parents peace of mind about their child’s safety.
“These are small but meaningful steps toward a safer, friendlier Canberra for mums, dads and our children,” Ms Lee said.