Labor and Greens gag debate on development application processing delays

Once again, Labor and the Greens have joined forces to gag debate on an important matter of community concern, Shadow Planning Minister Mark Parton said.
Following numerous phone calls, emails and personal approaches complaining about lengthy delays in processing development applications, Mr Parton today moved a motion calling for more resources to assist with the determination and approval process.
In 2014 almost 80 per cent of development applications were processed within statutory timeframes. In 2019, it plummeted to 30 per cent.
“The ACT Government receives about 1,200 development applications a year,” Mr Parton said.
“Around 70 per cent of these are not getting approved within the set deadlines.
“Lengthy delays to hundreds of applications are imposing major costs and undue stress on applicants.
“It’s also not fair for processing staff who are expected to get through enormous workloads without any extra support from the government.
“This is an issue of great community concern but Labor and the Greens don’t want to hear about it.
“You can’t help but ask who is this government really working for when it repeatedly blocks debate on important matters.
“It gives the strong impression that Labor and the Greens are vested in the protection of a failing government.
“The government needs to fix this broken system,” Mr Parton concluded.