Labor copies and pastes Liberals’ land tax exemption laws

The Canberra Liberals are pleased our land tax exemption laws are back on the agenda, even if they have been poached by the Labor Party, Shadow Housing Minister Mark Parton said.
In September 2018, Mr Parton tabled laws to give property owners land tax exemption if they rented their properties at a cheaper rate through registered community housing providers.
“The Chief Minister has caved to pressure, tabling in the Assembly today a Canberra Liberals’ housing affordability policy on behalf of the ACT government,” Mr Parton said.
“The Chief Minister’s bill is a cut and paste of laws the Canberra Liberals tabled in the Assembly in September last year.
“We are pleased that our laws will get up one way or another, despite the political games by Labor and the Greens.
“Except for one minor clause, the Chief Minister’s bill is exactly the same as the laws drafted by the Canberra Liberals.
“When we introduced these laws, Labor and the Greens wouldn’t allow the Assembly to debate them. The Liberals’ land tax exemption laws should have been passed last year.
“It’s really sad that Labor and Greens are playing politics with people’s lives.
“Canberra is in the midst of a housing affordability crisis. The ACT is now the most expensive place to rent in Australia.
“Homelessness and people living on the brink of homelessness are huge issues in Canberra.
“Had our laws been passed in September, struggling families would already have cheaper housing options available to them.
“If the Chief Minister wants help in any other bills he is working on, the Canberra Liberals are happy to draft them for him,” Mr Parton said.