Labor downplays internal leaking at Women and Children’s Hospital

The ACT Government is attempting to whitewash serious internal water damage at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children.

The Centenary Hospital for Women and Children has suffered a litany of structural failings even though the building is only eight years old. Mothers, newborn babies and young children have been exposed to leaks, flooding, soggy plasterboards and soggy vinyl walls.

Some units have been closed for months at a time due to severe plumbing issues.

The latest internal flooding raises series questions about what if any remedial work the government has done since these serious structural failings were first identified.

It’s hard to believe that this is the state of our hospital infrastructure when we are a wealthy jurisdiction, and the nation’s capital.

Canberra families are being taxed more than ever to pay for the interest on Labor’s $3 billion debt rather than providing health services.

Because Labor cannot manage money, they are unable to provide the quality of health services Canberrans deserve.

Canberrans can’t afford more of the same. Canberrans deserve a better way.