Labor-Greens government drives Canberra event across the border

Conditions and red tape imposed by the Labor-Greens government has driven a celebrated Canberra festival across the border indefinitely, Shadow Minister for Business and Employment Andrew Wall said today.
“After a 50 year history as an iconic Canberra event the Harmonie German Club decided last year to move the event after bureaucracy, red tape and ever increasing costs in the ACT drove them over the border,” Mr Wall said.
“To entice the organisers further, the NSW Government have today pledged $50,000 to the event to seal the deal.
“In stark contrast, the ACT Government has done nothing to make it easier to host the event in the ACT, instead they impose tougher alcohol restrictions, red tape, bureaucracy and associated costs.
“Oktoberfest isn’t the only event to head over the border because of these hurdles – car shows, swap meets and other events are struggling with the increasing costs and bureaucracy facing them in the ACT with many now permanent fixtures in Queanbeyan’s event calendar. Organisers say that Queanbeyan is welcoming them with open arms and a very different attitude, making it much easier to focus on making sure the event is a success.
“The ACT should be an attractive place to do business and host events. A Canberra Liberals government would create the conditions where businesses, entrepreneurs and event organisers can flourish. We would be fighting to keep events like Oktoberfest on home soil,” Mr Wall concluded.