Labor-Greens policies working against small business in Canberra

Small businesses in Canberra are hurting at the hands of the Labor-Greens Government, Shadow Minister for Business and Employment Andrew Wall said.

It follows the latest Sensis Business Index survey which found a significant proportion of Canberra’s small to medium businesses believe Labor-Greens policies are working against them.

According to the report, 41 per cent of small to medium Canberra businesses believe that ACT Government policies are working against them – the highest proportion in Australia, followed by Queensland at 31 per cent.

Overall, the ACT Government was the second most criticised government in Australia. Only the Queensland Government – also run by the Labor Party – copped more criticism than the ACT’s Labor-Green Government.

The leading criticisms levelled against Labor and the Greens was their excessive costs and charges, increasing taxes and the perception that the government is more concerned with big businesses.

“This government is delivering policies that are causing considerable hardship and financial pain to small businesses right across Canberra. It has got to stop,” Mr Wall said.

“Canberra should be a place where small businesses can take risks and thrive.

“The Government should be delivering policies that relieve the pressures of excessive rates, taxes, fees and charges. They should be doing everything they can to make it easier for small businesses to grow and succeed.

“But after 18 years in government, Labor and the Greens have demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of what it’s like for those who take the risk of translating a good idea into a small business.

“With no relief on the horizon, the situation is only going to get worse,” Mr Wall said.