Labor-Greens vacancy tax akin to ‘fee for no service’ scandal

If the Labor-Greens Government was a bank they would have been hauled before the banking royal commission and condemned, Canberra Liberals Leader Alistair Coe said.
The Labor Party and the Greens have stated that Canberrans who have been unfairly forced to pay hundreds of dollars in taxes due to the government’s new vacancy tax was an “unintended consequence”.
“The truth is, Labor and the Greens always knew this would happen, and voted for the changes anyway,” Mr Coe said.
At the time the Land Tax Amendment bill came to the Assembly the Canberra Liberals, who voted against the changes, warned both Labor and the Greens of this “unintended consequence”.
At the time Mr Coe said:
The bill also removes the provision for land tax to be payable for part of a quarter in cases where a property stops or starts becoming rateable. If for some reason your property stops becoming rateable on the second day of the quarter, you would still be forced to pay land tax for three months. It is completely unfair to those taxpayers and these provisions should not go ahead.
“Labor and the Greens knew they were voting to force Canberrans to pay vacancy tax for a full quarter even when their property may have only been vacant for a few days,” Mr Coe said.
“It is only now, after public scrutiny and after these sort of ‘fee for no service’ tricks have been condemned in the banking royal commission that they are changing their tune.
“When it comes to gouging Canberrans, Labor’s predatory behaviour is possibly worse than the banks.
“On behalf of all the Labor and Greens MLAs who voted for the unfair tax, Andrew Barr and Shane Rattenbury should apologise to all Canberrans unreservedly,” Mr Coe said.