Labor MLA’s challenged to watch Victorian Premier’s speech supporting greyhounds

Labor MLA’s are challenged to watch a speech where Victorian Premier David Andrews pledges his Government’s support of greyhound racing, before voting on the ACT Government’s legislation to ban the industry in Canberra, Shadow Minister for Gaming and Racing Mark Parton said today.

This week, the Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews delivered an extraordinarily strong speech endorsing the greyhound industry at the 2017 TAB Great Chase finals.

He said:

“I’ve got a very simple message here today.

Our government supports greyhound racing.

Our government will always support greyhound racing.

We know and understand that this is all about enjoyment, it’s about jobs, it’s about prosperity and fundamentally this sport, given the changes… the journey we’ve been on in recent times, this sport is very much focused on animal welfare, and for those reasons we are very strong supporters of greyhound racing and I know that the Minister would want me to reiterate again.  Our position will not change”

“The tide has turned in Victoria on greyhound racing,” Mr Parton said.

“After initially giving greyhound racing a tough time, the left-wing Labor Premier has come full circle and emphatically endorsed the sport.

“I’ve sent a link of the speech to every Labor MLA and I would urge them to watch it very, very closely before either tabling or voting on any legislation to ban the sport here in the ACT.

“How is it possible that community values and indeed Labor values can be so completely different in Victoria to here? And the simple answer is, they are not different.

“I would urge everyone in the parliamentary Labor Party to stand up for their constituents.

“If somebody can muster the courage, now is the time to do it,” Mr Parton concluded.

Speech can be viewed on the Greyhound Racing Victoria – GRV Facebook page.