Labor suppresses review on $20 million campsite

A major review of the disputed Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm should be publicly released immediately, Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs James Milligan said.
The review was commissioned in 2018 after the Labor Government controversially threw out the original design for the Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm.
In 2007, the ACT Government formally committed to a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Canberrans as part of the Appropriation Bill 2007-2008 No. 2. But in the years that followed, the government reneged its official financial commitment, instead spending $12 million on the construction and $2 million per year on the operation of what’s been described as a “campsite” by the Indigenous community.
The $120,000 review was supposed to be released in October 2019.
“This tired old government has blown almost $20 million and counting on a campsite that isn’t even operational and certainly isn’t delivering for the Indigenous community,” Mr Milligan said.
“Now, they’ve wasted an additional $120,000 on a secret review that they are refusing to make public.
“It’s senseless decisions like these that has Canberra families paying more than ever in rates, taxes, fees and charges to service Labor’s $3 billion ticking debt bomb.
“Labor’s $3 billion debt bomb is growing fast and rates are tripling yet wherever you look, services are getting worse.
“Canberra deserves a better way,” Mr Milligan said.