Labor’s desperate election backflip on rates isn’t fooling anyone

After tripling rates and pushing many household budgets to the brink, Andrew Barr’s desperate backflip is cold comfort to thousands of families who have been demanding rates relief for almost a decade, Leader of the Canberra Liberals Alistair Coe said.

Despite Labor’s false claims that rates would not triple, the record shows ten years of Andrew Barr’s aggressive tax reform will more than triple rates from $209 million in 2011-12 to $697 million in 2021-22.

Since 2011-12, rates on an average ACT household have increased by 7 per cent on average every single year.

“Nobody is fooled by Labor’s desperate backflip on rates, just four months out from an election,” Mr Coe said.

“After creating this mess, this inadequate and half-hearted attempt at cleaning it up isn’t rolling anyone.

“Labor has proven time and time again that increasing rates is in their DNA. Labor’s tired and outdated philosophy is and always has been to tax people ‘til they bleed but not until they die’. It just what they do.

“Canberrans deserve a better way.

“Only the Canberra Liberals can be trusted to reduce rates and cut cost of living pressures for all families. Just look at our strong record, the Liberals have always been the Party of lower taxes.

“Our rates freeze guarantee will benefit all Canberrans for four years to reduce pressures on households and help more families get ahead,” Mr Coe said.