Labor’s reckless light rail construction requires urgent safety assessment

Light rail stage one needs an urgent and independent safety assessment, Shadow Transport Minister Candice Burch said.
“The Labor-Greens Government has serious questions to answer over the safety of the light rail network,” Miss Burch said.
According to documents released under Freedom of Information laws, the ACT Government prioritised its own reputation ahead of the safety of construction workers and the public.
The documents allege Canberra’s light rail construction was ‘reckless’, non-compliant and in danger of flooding and explosion, but pressure from the government resulted in “quick fixes” and issues to be left “as is”.
“Canberrans will be horrified to hear that their Government has so recklessly chosen to prioritise its own deadlines ahead of public safety,” Miss Burch said.
“This comes at a time when the nation is zeroing in on shoddy construction work which is putting people at risk.
“Now, the Government is telling Canberrans to trust that they’ve fixed the problem without providing any detail on how the situation has been remedied.
“There is no way Canberrans can trust the Labor-Greens Government to construct further stages of light rail when they have proven they have such complete disregard for the safety of workers and passengers.
“There should be an urgent safety assessment of light rail stage one,” Miss Burch said.