Labor’s secret deal with Education Union Bosses must be released  

The secret deal between the ACT Government and the ACT Education Union Bosses regarding public school teachers should be published.

It is difficult to know how significant the secret deal is in informing the ACT Government’s decision to close ACT schools.

Families are already doing it tough, and they deserve better than being kept in the dark over this secret deal.

Throughout the pandemic, the Canberra Liberals have advocated for evidence-based decision making. We have made several direct representations to the Education Minister requesting the evidence relied on to inform significant government decisions such as the closure of ACT schools.

It is disappointing that the Government has not been forthcoming with information, and the lack of certainty has caused frustration and uncertainty in the community.

Given the significant disruptions school closures has caused, and the lack of publicly available evidence to support the move, stressed parents and the broader school community deserve to know what the secret deal entails.

While the closure of ACT schools goes against the advice consistently provided by the experts, we hope that the ACT Government is relying on medical evidence first and foremost in its decision making.

These are unprecedented times and we need to do everything we can to support stressed families, ensure our children’s education is looked after, and support teachers with a safe working environment.