The 2016 Rental Affordability Snapshot released today by Anglicare Australia demonstrates that the Barr government needs to step up, stop talking and actually start addressing the lack of affordable housing in our community, Shadow Minister for Housing Nicole Lawder said today.

“Unfortunately, the snapshot shows few properties in the ACT are affordable for households with a minimum wage income. It highlights the need for a whole of government commitment to address homelessness, and those at risk of homelessness,” Ms Lawder said.

The snapshot shows:

 Young people and single parents lack affordable private rental options.

 Only one affordable and appropriate property was found for a single parent with two children on a single parenting payment.

 Only one affordable and appropriate property was found for an adult couple with two children on Newstart Allowance.

 For a couple with two children on a minimum wage, parenting payment (partnered) and Family Tax Benefit A & B, only two affordable and appropriate properties were found.


“The report also shows that the combination of an insufficient supply of housing and higher average disposable incomes results in upward pressures on rental prices. Just 6.8 percent of rental properties were available and affordable in the ACT for an adult couple with two children on a minimum wage and Family Tax Benefit A. This is significantly lower than the 38.5 percent of affordable and available properties in the greater Perth metropolitan area for the same cohort of people, for example.

“Many members of our community are struggling to make ends meet and often have to forgo basic items such as food so that they have the money to pay their rent. Furthermore, we still have long public housing waiting lists.

“The Barr government is tripling rates to pay for light rail and has no concern for Canberrans struggling to pay for expensive housing,” Ms Lawder concluded.