Lack of evening, weekend and public holiday buses leave Canberrans stranded

Canberrans continue to suffer the inconvenience of inadequate bus services in the evenings, on weekends, and on public holidays. Shift workers and interstate travellers are left stranded at bus and train stations after 10:30pm during the week, and after 7pm on Sundays.

Shadow Transport Minister Candice Burch wants the ACT government to modernise Canberra’s public transport network.

“Canberrans deserve better than this. Canberra is a modern city but its public transport schedules are something out of the seventies,” Ms Burch said.
“Students, retirees and people with mobility issues all rely on public transport. Lack of access to transport is one of the greatest barriers to participation in the community.

“People who work late at night, in our restaurants, pubs and supermarkets all need a way of getting home quickly and safely at the end of a long shift. Many of these workers are on low incomes and could do without the expense of having to drive to and from work.

“Good public transport also means that people who are enjoying a night out in the city have a safe way to get home, rather than putting themselves and others at risk by driving.

“The Canberra Liberals are calling on the government to fix this problem and give Canberra the modern transport network we deserve,” Ms Burch concluded.