Late buses turn Canberrans away from public transport

The ACT Government’s inability to run a punctual bus network is pushing more Canberrans into their cars and away from public transport, said Shadow Minister for Transport, Candice Burch.

“This isn’t good enough. If the Government is serious about wanting more Canberrans to use public transport, then our public transport network needs to be reliable, and on time” Miss Burch said today.

“The Government couldn’t meet the 80 per cent punctuality benchmark it set itself in 2016-17. But instead of addressing the problem, the Government has decreased the punctuality standard to 75 per cent, and still hasn’t even been able to meet that.

“Minister Fitzharris has blamed roadworks for bus delays, but she is the same Minister who controls the schedule for roadworks. If the Government knows that roadworks are going to be a problem on particular routes, it should adjust the timetable accordingly so that commuters can still reliably plan their journey.

“In almost two years, the Government has met punctuality targets only twice – in the weeks around Christmas when far fewer people are catching buses. The Government’s bus network only runs on time when fewer people are using it.

“Canberrans deserve punctual, accessible and reliable transport. If Canberrans can’t rely on buses to get them where they want to go, then they’re going to look for alternatives. More people in cars means more traffic congestion and more frustrations for Canberrans.