Shadow Minister for Education and Training, Andrew Wall, has asked the ACT Government to explain the poor results from the latest Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). Mr Wall said the ACT’s results are alarming considering the ACT Government invests more than all the states in public education on a per student basis.

“In the ACT, results for three of the four areas assessed are lower than when last measured in 2011. We have also achieved a lower academic result than students in 1995,” Mr Wall said today.

“The ACT Government invests more than all the states in public education on a per student basis yet we aren’t achieving better results which highlights that simply increasing funding won’t improve performance.

“The report also states that nationally students attending metropolitan schools out performed those in regional areas. Given that all ACT schools are classified as metropolitan, it is apparent that we are not achieving the same results as those in other jurisdictions.

“We are also fortunate in the ACT to have well educated parents which should ultimately improve the academic results of their children so it is clear that the ACT Government is missing out on the opportunity to harness that benefit.

“On top of all of this our students are underperforming when compared to those in more disadvantaged countries such as Kazakhstan. We should be taking a detailed look at what is happening in classrooms across the world and figuring out where we can be doing better to achieve better performance amongst our students.

“It is now up to the ACT Government to outline what they will be doing to further improve the territory’s education results,” Mr Wall concluded.