Caroline Le Couteur has failed her Murrumbidgee constituents by voting against a move that would have sent planning rules affecting proposed public housing developments to an Assembly committee for review, Shadow Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Nicole Lawder said today.
“Ms Le Couteur failed in her responsibility as an MLA, voting against an issue that her constituents have repeatedly expressed deep concern over. She effectively claimed committee was too busy,” Ms Lawder said.
Ms Lawder moved a motion calling on the government to cease residential development on community land and to explain the viability of a secretive amendment made to the Territory Plan that would enable the government to build housing on land reserved for community facilities.
In support of Ms Lawder’s motion, Liberal Member for Murrumbidgee Jeremy Hanson put forward an amendment calling for the matter to be referred to the Planning and Urban Renewal Committee for further evaluation.
The motion followed a petition that was presented in the Assembly by Weston Creek residents who are strongly opposed to having their public suburban spaces replaced with housing.
Ms Le Couteur, who chairs the committee, spoke strongly against referring the matter to the committee stating that it was already undertaking two inquiries.
“Ms Le Couteur has met with Weston Creek residents to assure them that she was working on their behalf but when the opportunity came today to support them on record, she voted ‘no’ and claimed she was too busy to take these matters on board,” Ms Lawder said.
“As a member of the committee, I have no concern whatsoever about the additional workload, in fact, as an elected member I regard it to be my duty.
“I think it is shameful and I am calling it out. Caroline Le Couteur talks the talk but when it comes to action, she monumentally fails to walk the walk and represent her constituents.
“This is an important issue and if it is not addressed immediately we will have a government that demolishes and builds wherever it pleases, regardless of any piece of zoning or legislation in its way,” Ms Lawder concluded.