Legal and public safety concerns over pill testing

The Canberra Liberals stand by their concerns over pill testing on legal and public safety grounds, Shadow Attorney General Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Not only does pill testing send the message that illegal drug use is sanctioned by the Government, experts have stated that the tests cannot detect every substance in the sample and lawyers have raised serious legal concerns,” Mr Hanson said.

“A forensic toxicologist is on the record as saying he and other professionals were concerned about the lack of scientific debate and the lack of reliability of these tests. He stated that claims that the tests would keep people safe were misleading.”

“There have also been serious legal concerns, with the area being called a ‘legal minefield.’ Lawyers have said users and conductors of these tests could face criminal charges unless the law was changed. It is not open for some people to decide the law does not apply to them.”

“Whether they like it or not, there are serious health and legal issues that must be addressed.”

“It also appears that the ACT Government and the organisers have failed to notify the proper authorities to get proper permission and documentation. It gives me no confidence that the ACT Government can conduct a pill test if they cannot even organise basic documentation and approvals.”

“I wrote to the relevant federal ministers to alert them to this flawed proposal. A copy is attached,” Mr Hanson concluded.

Click here to read Mr Hanson’s Letter to Minister Nash and Minister Hunt