Liberals bring in NSW style anti-bikie laws

Shadow Attorney-General Jeremy Hanson will introduce tough anti-bikie laws to the ACT Legislative Assembly today to help stop Canberra’s escalating bikie war.
“Since New South Wales passed anti-consorting laws nearly ten years ago, we have seen clubhouses in NSW close down, and the bikie gangs here in the ACT grow from one to at least four,” Mr Hanson said.
“Worse, a turf war has started that has seen shots fired into homes with children, fire-bombings and brawls in family restaurants.
“I’m sick of this government making excuses. If they won’t act to protect our community, the Canberra Liberals will.
“On behalf of the Canberra Liberals, I will introduce laws that mirror anti-consorting laws in NSW which were recently amended. We will no longer be an oasis for violent gangs to fight over. The free run will be over.
“It is also important, though, that the laws are both tough and fair. We will only target habitual consorting, that is, outlaw bikies who knowingly and repeatedly make contact with multiple people with known criminal records. And we’ve put in protections to prevent the laws from being misapplied. The laws cannot be used against young people, and we have included special recognitions for people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.
“This violence must stop. If we do not act to make the ACT just as safe as NSW, these gangs will continue to come here, they will continue to fight, and sooner or later, someone will get killed.
“I call on the Labor-Greens Government to stop protecting these criminal gangs and start protecting the people of Canberra instead,” Mr Hanson concluded.