Liberals’ land transparency laws passed

The Canberra Liberals’ transparency laws were passed in the ACT Legislative Assembly today.
Leader of the Opposition Alistair Coe introduced laws to force the government to publicly release records on land deals during the first sitting week of 2018.
After extensive discussions, Mr Coe introduced the Government Agencies (Land Acquisition Reporting Requirements) Bill 2018. It forces the government to publicly release the details of all land purchases made by ACT government agencies, including how value of money was pursued, who authorised purchases and why.
The government would also be forced to provide valuations and the compensation paid.
“I am very pleased that my transparency laws have been passed,” Mr Coe said.
“These laws are designed to create greater transparency of government land deals. For too long, the ACT government has been buying up land without oversight or accountability.
“We have seen too many secret multimillion dollar land deals that lack documentation and due process.
“This sort of purchasing behaviour does not meet community standards. Canberrans deserve to know how the government is spending their money.
“While these laws do not completely eliminate the possibility that something untoward could happen, they significantly reduce the risk. The government will be forced to justify its decisions.
“The Canberra Liberals will continue our efforts to restore integrity in the ACT government,” Mr Coe concluded.