Liberals present news laws to expose corruption in Canberra

The Canberra Liberals are pleased to present new laws to expose corruption and restore public trust in ACT public officials.
The Anti-corruption and Integrity Commission Bill 2018 is based on 79 recommendations already agreed to by Liberal, Labor and Greens committee members in a 2017 inquiry into an anti-corruption body.
The laws will give an Anti-Corruption and Integrity Commission power to investigate, expose and prevent corruption.
“I am pleased to present laws that will strengthen integrity in government,” Mr Coe said.
“This is the start of what I hope will be a robust and transparent process to restore trust in all people dealing with taxpayers’ money or exercising functions on behalf of the government.
“The laws are comprehensive and I hope that they will be examined closely by Liberal, Labor and Greens members in an Assembly committee.
“Interested Canberrans are also encouraged to review and contribute to the legislation.
“We want this to be an open, transparent and tri-partisan process,” Mr Coe concluded.
The laws will give an anti-corruption commission power to:

* Obtain documents

* Subpoena witnesses

* Request search and arrest warrants

* Seize evidence relevant to a search warrant

* Conduct public and private hearings