Liberals push to bring 2023 Women’s World Cup to Canberra

As the alternative government with an election in less than four months, the Canberra Liberals have expressed our desire for Canberra to participate as a host city in the FIFA 2023 Women’s World Cup.

The Leader of the Canberra Liberals Alistair Coe, Deputy Leader Nicole Lawder and the Shadow Minister for Sports James Milligan have written to Football Federation Australia requesting that Canberra’s involvement in the FIFA 2023 Women’s World Cup be reconsidered.

The Liberals leader said the announcement that Australia and New Zealand will be hosting this momentous tournament presented a real opportunity for the ACT.

“This tournament will be a massive boost to the future of women’s football, as well as our nation’s economy and global profile,” Mr Coe said.

“Canberra is an exceptional city and we can’t afford to miss out on a golden opportunity. This is a chance to showcase the capital on a global stage, attract tourism and investment and strengthen our City’s renown for women’s sport.

“This opportunity will be good for our economy by attracting investment and increasing international exposure for the City,” Mr Coe said.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Nicole Lawder said it was disappointing that the Barr Government refused to back women’s sport by participating in a bid.

“This tournament is recognition of the significant momentum women’s football has achieved in Australia in recent years, from grassroots participation of young girls to the widespread appeal and on field success of the Matildas.

“We’re backing Canberra’s female athletes who deserve this opportunity,” Ms Lawder said.

The Shadow Minister for Sport James Milligan said Canberra was an obvious choice for a 2023 Women’s World Cup host city.

“As the nation’s capital and home to more than 39,000 players including 7,000 women and girls, Canberra would be an exceptional city to host games and showcase our nation.

“Being a host city would be a small investment by government for a huge boost to Canberra,” Mr Milligan said.