Liberals secure hydrotherapy in Canberra’s south

Canberrans in the south can keep using the hydrotherapy pool at the Canberra Hospital until a viable alternative is delivered in Canberra’s south, Shadow Health Minister Vicki Dunne said.
The Canberra Liberals are pleased that Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris has folded like a pack of cards, backflipping on her decision to close the pool after agreeing to an Opposition motion in the Assembly.
“This is great news for every hydrotherapy pool user in Canberra’s south,” Mrs Dunne said.
“I still do not understand why the Health Minister wanted to unfairly discriminate against health patients in Canberra’s south.
“It was wrong for Ms Fitzharris to put people in Canberra’s south through this stressful ordeal.
“While it should never have come to this, I am pleased Ms Fitzharris has seen the error in her ways and will keep the pool open until a new hydrotherapy pool with the appropriate specifications is made available in Canberra’s south.
“Of course, the Minister has a track record of breaking with her word on a range of issues. On this issue, she and some of her Labor colleagues previously misled Canberrans by falsely claiming that a new hydrotherapy pool would be built at the Stromlo Aquatic Centre.
“The Canberra Liberals will keep a very close eye on the situation to ensure Ms Fitzharris delivers a hydrotherapy pool that is heated at the optimum temperature of 34 – 36 degrees in Canberra’s south.
“If Ms Fitzharris and the Labor-Greens Government are true to their word, then this is great news for people in Canberra’s south,” Mrs Dunne said.