Liberals secure inquiry into wrongful separation of Canberra family

The Canberra Liberals are pleased the wrongful separation of a Canberra family will be investigated, Shadow Minister for Families, Youth and Community Services Elizabeth Kikkert said.
Mrs Kikkert successfully moved a motion to refer the case to the Standing Committee on Health, Ageing and Community Services for investigation.
“I am pleased we were able to reach tri-partisan agreement on this pressing issue,” Mrs Kikkert said.
“A Canberra mother and her five children have suffered a long and painful ordeal on this government’s watch. We need answers – how could this have happened?
“An investigation into this case will help us identify and address systemic issues.
“For a long time, the ACT’s care and protection system has operated under what many describe as a veil of secrecy.
“We desperately need to instil a healthy degree of transparency and accountability in the care and protection system,” Mrs Kikkert said.
The committee will also inquire into the Children and Young People Act in relation to information sharing.