Liberals seek to enhance financial integrity in Government expenditure

A Bill that seeks to close the loopholes that allow the Government to avoid scrutiny, and cover up questionable decisions is the first of six integrity measures announced by the Canberra Liberals earlier this year, Opposition Leader Alistair Coe said today.

Mr Coe tabled in the Legislative Assembly today, the Government Procurement (Financial Integrity) Amendment Bill.

“I am very pleased to present this Bill which is the first of six separate integrity measures announced in my Budget Reply earlier this year,” Mr Coe said.

“The ACT has a problem. Canberrans are paying more, getting less and are seeing their hard-earned money being used improperly.

“The Bill seeks to improve financial integrity and transparency by requiring the Government to make public all payments over $12,500, including property and reimbursements.

“Canberrans have a right to know how their money is being spent and this Bill will enhance transparency on Government expenditure.

“I am hopeful that Labor and the Greens will commit to financial integrity in government and support this Bill,” Mr Coe concluded.

The five remaining integrity measures announced by the Canberra Liberals are:

A Public Works Committee – to safeguard the ACT against recurring problems with infrastructure projects.

Giving more options to whistleblowers – making it easier for public servants to call out actual or suspected wrongdoing.

Tracking agency audits – allowing Assembly Committees to receive twice yearly progress reports on audit activities of ACT government agencies.

Improving the unsolicited proposals process – to give more clarity in legislation with regards to timelines and IP protection.

Reporting land acquisitions – to ensure all land acquisitions are reported to an Assembly Committee, addressing certain criteria.