Liberals to deliver $15 million boost for school infrastructure

Local Canberra schools will be better and safer with a $15 million boost in school maintenance projects over the next four years.

A Canberra Liberals Government will provide the much-needed funding injection for scheduled and unscheduled school maintenance to ensure that Canberra’s schools are the best and safest learning environments in Australia.

This will deliver on maintenance issues identified in the Liberals’ school infrastructure audit, recently announced by the Shadow Minister for Education Elizabeth Lee.

“We will make Canberra the best place to live, work and raise a family and that means giving children a safe and positive learning environment, and giving parents and teachers peace of mind,” the Leader of the Canberra Liberals Alistair Coe said.

“With this initiative, we’re bringing forward funding and projects in the short term so that maintaining our schools doesn’t just benefit our students, but also acts as a key economic driver for local businesses.

“This is just as much a boost to our local economy and jobs as it is for our school communities,” Mr Coe said.

Shadow Education Minister Elizabeth Lee said most of Canberra high schools and nearly three quarters of Canberra primary schools were built more than 30 decades ago.

“The neglect of many of our ageing school buildings has exposed young children, parents and teachers to major health risks like asbestos and lead contamination,” Ms Lee said.

“Parents are paying more than ever through rates and taxes. They deserve peace of mind knowing their child’s school has a safe and optimal learning environment.

“We need to look after our school communities to remove major disruptions and ensure our future generations have every opportunity to excel in their education,” Ms Lee said.