Liberals Welcome Auditor-general’s Investigation Into Major Public Projects

Jeremy Hanson, Leader of the Opposition, has welcomed the announcement from the Auditor-General that audits will be conducted into the Enlarged Cotter Dam, Capital Metro Light Rail, the prison and other capital works projects across the Territory.

“For years, we have been asking for proper independent investigations into these matters. For years, the Labor Green Government has blocked, opposed and dismissed calls for proper scrutiny,” Mr Hanson said today.

“Just last week, we called on the budget to be reviewed because of the secrecy and lack of detail about these very matters. Andrew Barr bluffed his way through without revealing the detail.

“Now, the Auditor-General will do what the government has refused to do for so long; conduct a full, open and public review into these matters. There is no question these major projects need to be reviewed.

“The Cotter Dam has blown out from $145 million to $409 million and the cost is still climbing.

“Capital Metro Light Rail is estimated to cost $614 million just for the first phase, but has been rightly rejected by Infrastructure Australia.

“The ACT Jail escalated from $110 million to more than $140 million and is already overflowing.

“The ACT capital works program is infamous for cost blow outs and delays, including the iconic failure that was the Gungahlin Drive Extension delay and duplication.

“The Canberra Liberals welcome the forthcoming audits and hope that the Auditor-General is able to uncover the full picture that we have been calling for so long to be revealed, and that the Labor Green Government has been so anxious to cover up,” Mr Hanson concluded.