Liberals Welcome Pangallo’s Support

ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja and Member for Brindabella Steve Doszpot today welcomed support for the Canberra Liberals’ push for better local government from former Queanbeyan Mayor and 2008 ACT Independent candidate Frank Pangallo.

“I’ve known Steve Doszpot for many years and I’ve seen how hard he’s worked to establish a meaningful relationship with his community. This hard work should be commended,” Mr Pangallo said.

“Zed’s hard work over the past four years has really paid off, and I know basic services like a third bin for garden waste have been really popular in Queanbeyan.

“When I was Mayor, introducing green bins didn’t cost nearly as much as the ACT Government says it will.

“Based on my experience, I also don’t think it’s possible for the government to cut so much out of its revenue base without rates going through the roof.

“Zed and Steve’s back-to-basics approach is what a good local government should do,” Mr Pangallo concluded.

Mr Doszpot said the Canberra Liberals have listened to the community to develop policies which Canberrans have asked for.

“We know Canberrans want a government which gets back to basics but also provides them with a world-class health and education system,” Mr Doszpot said.

Mr Seselja said he welcomes Mr Pangallo’s comments.

“I appreciate Mr Pangallo’s support our push for better local services and lower rates and charges,” Mr Seselja concluded.