Libs Announce Increased Funding for Non-Government Schools


ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja and ACT Shadow Education Minister Steve Doszpot announced today that if elected, a Canberra Liberals Government will increase non-government school funding to bring the ACT on par with New South Wales funding levels.

Mr Seselja said the Canberra Liberals support the rights of parents to have a genuine choice between government and non-government schools, and do not believe children in non-government schools should be disadvantaged just because they live in the ACT.

“The ACT currently has the highest proportion of non-government school students in any jurisdiction – and the lowest funding,” Mr Seselja said.

“A Canberra Liberals Government would increase recurrent funding for all non-government schools progressively, to eventually bring the ACT on par with New South Wales.

“This policy will cost $31.4 million over the forward estimates,” Mr Seselja concluded.

Mr Doszpot said the Canberra Liberals are the only party that has been consistently supportive of non-government schools.

“In 2006, Katy Gallagher supported a Labor Party conference resolution that:

‘…The growth of private education is facilitating the fragmentation of Australia’s children along ethnic, cultural and particularly religious lines.’

“ACT Labor’s current policy platform states that the party will: ‘…work to minimise the growth of private schools in the ACT…’

“And the ACT Greens support their Federal party’s plans to rip approximately $60 million from ACT non-government schools by cutting Commonwealth Government funding to 2003-04 levels,” Mr Doszpot said.

“The Canberra Liberals are proud to reaffirm our genuine, unwavering commitment to the non-government education sector with today’s announcement.”