Libs Announce Public School Infrastructure Audit

With some government schools so poorly maintained they are unusable, ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja and ACT Shadow Education Minister Steve Doszpot today announced that if elected, a Canberra Liberals Government will conduct a $250,000 audit of public school infrastructure, with a view to developing a blueprint for future infrastructure investment in education in Canberra.

“Under ACT Labor, Canberrans have been left with a government that is forever playing catch up with infrastructure delivery and maintenance. We know residents deserve a Government that gets infrastructure right from the start and plans for the future,” Mr Seselja said.

“That’s why if elected, a Canberra Liberals Government will commit $250,000 for Infrastructure Canberra to conduct an infrastructure audit of public schools. This would be above and beyond other Infrastructure Canberra funding.

“Our Infrastructure Canberra policy would see the appointment of an independent Infrastructure Commissioner, backed by a board, to ensure government projects are on time, on budget, and in the best interest of taxpayers.

“Today’s commitment builds on this sensible long-term infrastructure plan, and will help ensure the future viability of our schools,” Mr Seselja concluded.

Mr Doszpot said ACT Government schools have been neglected for too long under ACT Labor, with some literally falling apart.

“Just recently, we saw that Taylor Primary School was so poorly maintained that it couldn’t be used. Another site is so run down it was condemned,” Mr Doszpot said.

“This is a government that spends more time closing schools than it does investing in them, despite Katy Gallagher’s claim that this wouldn’t happen.

“The Canberra Liberals want to give parents and students the assurances they deserve about the long-term viability of their school. They also deserve a government which genuinely plans for the future of education,” Mr Doszpot concluded.