Libs Secure Wentworth Ave Repair

After three years of lobbying by the Canberra Liberals and indecision from various Ministers, the ACT Labor Government has finally agreed to repair Wentworth Avenue, one of Canberra’s oldest roads.

“I am pleased that the Canberra Liberals‟ continued representations on behalf of the community have secured repairs of the road,” ACT Shadow Urban Services Minister Alistair Coe said.

“I first wrote to the former Chief Minister and Minister for TAMS Jon Stanhope in 2009 about the road surface at Wentworth Avenue, and was told then that the road „might‟ be included in the 2010-11 capital works program.

“I later wrote about the road in 2011 and the then Minister, Mr Corbell stated that:

“…there are currently no plans to resurface Wentworth Avenue.”

“Today in Estimates hearings, Government officials said that the road will in fact be repaired.

“Although it has taken years, with contradictory responses from different Ministers, I am pleased that the Canberra Liberals‟ persistence on behalf of the community has finally paid off,” Mr Coe concluded.