Light rail safety incidents must be addressed before taking passengers

Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris should audit all light rail safety incidents and ensure emergency workers are equipped to respond to accidents before opening light rail to passengers, Shadow Transport Minister Candice Burch said.
Minister Fitzharris’ announcement that light rail will commence services on 20 April 2019 comes off the back of significant safety incidents that have not yet been addressed.
“Last week we saw two serious safety incidents which could have resulted in death,” Miss Burch said.
“Today, the Minister has announced light rail will be taking passengers in one month, but she still hasn’t addressed these massive safety incidents that could easily have caused death.
“The Government has not been transparent about all incidents encountered during the testing period.
“It is absolutely vital that the Minister conducts an audit into all safety incidents that occurred during the construction and testing of the network in order to ensure they do not happen once the network starts taking passengers.
“The Minister also needs to ensure that ACT Fire and Rescue are fully trained and equipped to deal with any incidents that arise along the light rail corridor, as recent reports have found that this is not currently the case.
“Further, given the concerns late last year that light rail could potentially fail its accreditation, I would hope that the Minister is not giving Canberrans false hope with a premature announcement.
“There are serious safety risks that the Minister must address in an open and transparent manner before allowing the light rail to take passengers,” Miss Burch said.